[VIDEO] Why Home Education? – School Hurts Families

When kids go to school they are separated from their families for seven or eight hours per day, five days per week. Some kids go to a latchkey type program and might be gone for eleven hours per day! Most people know many families who need to race through every day, left with the scraps of time leftover from the school schedule, racing through a morning routine to get to school or the bus stop and having a brief night together of maybe just a few hours. These few hours might be filled with dinner, homework and getting ready for an early bedtime (so they can be sure to get up the next morning.) This leaves families with just the weekend to spend together, which can be filled with organized sports and dad going golfing anyway. I’ve seen families like this. The children place a massive burden on their schedule and they barely get to see them. I wonder why they bothered having children in the first place.

School isolates children from their families and can cripple the relationship children have with their parents and siblings. Children who do not go to school can experience richer family interactions more frequently and on a daily basis.

And it is good for the parents. Can you imagine anyone on their deathbed wishing they had missed the majority of time they could have spent with their kids when they were growing up? I can’t.

Jeff Till is a business owner, School Sucks listener, and home-educating parent. He recently added a well-researched, concise and easily sharable entry to his blog called "A Complete Case for Home Education (54 Arguments)." He joins me today to discuss some of his arguments.

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  1. I completely agree with this video and have felt the same way for a long time. I thought I was busy during my childhood in New England, but it is nothing compared to kids these days. Out here in CA, kids are hounded to do anything and everything to be on top. They are so stressed out due to their parents being so stressed out with work and worrying if their kids are scoring high enough and doing enough extra activities. I recently went back to college and had a number of advanced math classes with high school juniors and seniors in attendance. They were depressed that they only had a 4.2 or 4.5 GPA. I didn’t even know you could score higher than a 4.0! They pointed out that you can with AP and college classes. It’s a ridiculous amount of pressure for these kids to be under. On top of it, I don’t think they are actually graduating with enough real skills that they will need in life, be it social skills or “street smarts” or general life skills.

    I’d like to add that all of this is inherent in my adult life too. My wife and I always fight when we go on a trip or spend time together because we are both working so much and different schedules that we want our precious time together to be enjoyable so bad, that we screw it up because of the pressure we put on ourselves.

    My goal, I suppose, is that all of this sacrifice will pay off so that I can be financially sufficient enough that I can back off work when we do have kids (and hopefully home school them) so that I can give them the precious time they deserve. We only have a short time on this earth and we need to make the best of it, together, on a human level. Not as slaves to the system. I’d also like to add that I completely agree with the sleep bit as well, as it also pertains to adults and work. I truly hope more people like us with a similar mindset can come together and change the world for the better. Since we’re not there yet, I am off to finish my college homework assignments (at 1am). All the best with your site/project. I look forward to more!!

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