VIDEO: Push A Button and End Government? (With Ben Stone)

From School Sucks Podcast #281: Ben Stone (2 of 2) - Diminishing the Market Demand For Government

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Ben Stone:

Ben Stone returns for another discussion about the past, present and future of the philosophy of liberty. Ben is the host of the Bad Quaker podcast.

-going underground
-agorism: ignore government, don't protest it
-specializaton in liberty activism
-making the moral argument
-making the practical argument
-making money
-assisting government on its path to self-destruction
-winning hearts and minds
-deal with individuals
-government is not the enemy; it's the myth

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  1. This made me think of what Mises wrote about the illusion of the old libertarians:

    “The masses, the hosts of common men, do not conceive any ideas, sound or unsound. They only choose between the ideologies developed by the intellectual leaders of mankind. But their choice is final and determines the course of events. If they prefer bad doctrines, nothing can prevent disaster.”

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