[VIDEO] #414: The Principles of Learning Anything – Part 4 – Doubt Everybody

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February's Theme: A New Perspective On Self-Education
For this entire month I will be joined by Steve Patterson, a home-educated and self-taught Rationalist philosopher, to explore five key principles of learning that are translatable to just about any pursuit.

Principle #4: Doubt Everybody (Skepticism)
Though it sounds rude, I suggest assuming that most people don’t know what they are talking about and do not understand the correct basics. That includes most “experts”, or instructors, in everything from the world of ideas, back to the martial arts, or even basic practical skills.
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  1. Damn all this time I was assuming when someone tells me they’re an expert or a Ph.D. or a police officer or a lawyer or even if they are just wearing a suit and tie – they must know what they’re talking about! I mean what do you want me to do Steve… think for myself?

  2. Brett,
    I have finally completed the listening of your series with Steve Patterson and I enjoyed it very much. My husband and I have both learned so much and, just as importantly, we have our children (aged 18 and 14) listening and learning as well. Steve’s 5 Principals are all important, yes. But, personally, I will more than likely echo the “Failure = Feedback” idea for the rest of my days. Just wish I had that equation passed on earlier.
    Keep up the great work.
    The Teddick Family

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