[THE UN-IVERSITY] Lesson: Logic Saves Lives – 12 Parts

Teaches: Intellectual self-defense, logic, logical fallacies, media literacy, propaganda, critical thinking

Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are. Focused on the exploration of logical fallacies, this series covers how the mind processes information, logic and argumentation. It prioritizes entertainment value, and approaches the subject from a libertarian viewpoint. Featuring Richard Grove, Tony Myers, Jame Corbett, Wes Bertrand, Larken Rose, and others.

"Logic is man’s method of reaching conclusions objectively by deriving them without contradiction from the facts of reality—ultimately, from the evidence provided by man’s senses. If men reject logic, then the tie between their mental processes and reality is severed; all cognitive standards are repudiated, and anything goes; any contradiction, on any subject, may be endorsed (and simultaneously rejected) by anyone, as and when he feels like it."
-Any Rand “Nazism and Subjectivism,” The Objectivist, Feb. 1971

Audio Files:
Logic Saves Lives Part 1 – Foundation, Attitudes and Values
Logic Saves Lives Part 2 – The Political Debate Contract
Logic Saves Lives Part 3 – The Most Dangerous Superstition
Logic Saves Lives Part 4 – The Appeal to Force Precludes Reason
Logic Saves Lives Part 5 – The Stolen Concept
Logic Saves Lives Part 6 – Reality Time For Bill Maher
Logic Saves Lives Part 7 – Did Stanley Kubrick Help NASA Fake the Moon Landing?
Logic Saves Lives Part 8 – Cognitive Distortions and Cognitive Restructuring
Logic Saves Lives Part 9 – Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan
Logic Saves Lives Part 10 – The Elephant and the Rider
Logic Saves Lives Part 11 – Why Logic Alone Is Not Enough
Logic Saves Lives Part 12 – Reason Obscured and Recovered

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