[THE UN-IVERSITY] Lesson: Discovering Doublespeak – 4 Parts

Teaches: Intellectual self-defense, media literacy, propaganda, critical thinking

Every day powerful people use various forms of "doublespeak" to distort reality, and to confuse and manipulate the public. This probably includes you and the people you care about. So what is doublespeak? And how can you become more adept at spotting it and defending yourself from it?

This entertaining and educational series outlines 4 forms of doublespeak:
- The Euphemism
- The Cacophemism
- Legalese
- Gobbledygook/Bureaucratese

Defining attributes of doublespeak:
-distorts reality
-pretends to communicate
-avoids or shifts responsibility
-makes the negative appear positive
-creates a false verbal map of the world
-limits, conceals, corrupts, and prevents thought
-makes the unpleasant appear attractive or tolerable
-creates incongruity between reality and what is said or not said

(William Lutz, Doublespeak)

Audio Files:
Discovering Doublespeak! (Part One) - The Euphemism
Discovering Doublespeak! (Part Two) - The Cacophemism
Discovering Doublespeak! (Part Three) - Legalese v. Curiosity and Critical Thought
Discovering Doublespeak! (Part Four) - Greenspan's Gobbledygook

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