Tom Woods For President? (No.) – With Tom Woods [PODCAST #577]


In this thinly-veiled 52-minute promotion for the Contra Cruise, happening October 21-28 (tickets available at, Tom and I open talking about the cruise, highlights from previous cruises, and the origins of the Contra Krugman podcast.

What's up with the title? I recently turned someone on to Tom's show, and after listening for a couple weeks he asked me "why isn't this guy the Libertarian Party candidate for president?" I ask Tom to provide an answer.

Before recording, I just listened to Episode 1236 of The Tom Woods show, called A Thousand Statist Arguments Smashed. Also I just moved to Pittsburgh and I have been meeting a lot of new people lately, and have been having some really frustrating political conversations. Most of these people at first are simply baffled by me not being a progressive, and I have to explain to them why and how I'm not really a Republican either. I have proceeded calmly, and I usually discovered their political identities are almost entirely driven by emotion. So in 1236, Tom has some great rational arguments against statism/leftism, but very few people reason their ways into those ideologies. I wanted to hear how Tom factored in and handled the volatile emotions of leftism in some of his debates/interventions.

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One comment

  1. What evidence exists for your superior rationality as contasted by those with different political beliefs? Do unexpected conclusions and results cause you to alter your claims, theories, and methods? Or do you blame the world for not matching your vision? I ask these questions in regard to past episodes. For example, since your promotion of Roger Ver’s bitcoin cash infomercial, its value has declined by 88%. After publicly intimating that presidential elections don’t matter because Trump was secretly aligned with The Powers That Be to hand the election to Clinton, current facts on the ground seem to dispute your original hypothesis. These are just 2 fact based examples of false hypotheses that could have produced real world negative outcomes for you and your followers. (I believe Clinton won the “free state” of NH by the slimmest of margins, say the handful of anarchists who could have been swayed by liberty themed podcasters.) If facts matter, and if results matter, shouldn’t you be just as public in correcting previous false claims and conjectures that went awry as you were in advertising them? Does the character and ethos of the debator play as big a role as the reasoning and tone in a successful debate? Otherwise, is it not fair to question if the person claiming recovery from irrational addictions is merely in the 13th step?

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