This Is Not About A Virus (Continued) – With Darrell Becker and Tony Myers [PODCAST #723]


This Is A Test, Part Six

A continued update of our 2020 series on the pandemic, encouraging a deeper and broader look at both the  ever-shifting scientific consensus and dissenting voices of our current  age.

Today Darrell and I are joined by our friend Tony Myers, who  teaches logic and co-hosts the Grand Theft World podcast.  This is  a fascinating conversation, not just for its content but also for its  conduct. Darrell and Tony have some major points of disagreement, and  even without resolving them we are able to have a meaningful and  educational discussion about the current state of affairs. I am very  proud of this one.

Darrell’s website is a growing collection of informative shows, interviews, and health  resources. Not Medical Advice videos are stories that show how various  types of practitioners would find effective treatment for a wide variety  of chronic problems. He also offers a free guide to finding the first  member of your holistic healthcare team. Darrell offers holistic  healthcare consultations, and he’s available to help you find effective  medical options, locating healthcare professionals, medicines and  treatments in your area, anywhere on the planet.

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