[VIDEO] The Prussian Connection to American Schooling Part 4 (The Best of Gatto, Episode Fourteen)

SCHOOL HISTORY - Where did the American school system come from? And what are its true purposes?

These are excerpts from John Taylor Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education
Chapter Seven: The Prussian Connection,
Section 93: "The Technology of Subjection" and
Section 94: "The German/American Reichsbank"

Get the book: http://johntaylorgatto.com/underground/
PDF: http://johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/index.htm
Audiobook: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/50300

The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend With John Taylor Gatto (Documentary)

Commentary and Analysis: The Ultimate History Lesson (16+ Hours / mp3)

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