The Power of Narrative – With Nathan Fraser [PODCAST #704]


(Emotional Manipulators For Hire, Episode 6) Friend, copywriter, marketer, and Facebook World Champion Nathan Fraser and I continue our monthly conversation about marketing and media manipulation. You'll learn more about the tactics politicians and propagandists use against you, and how you can re-purpose such tactics for good.

- How stories supersede reality.
- How the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we except as truth from others, become the background programming that runs our lives.
- How stories get people killed
- In marketing and sales :The stories customers tell themselves that prevent them from buying, and how to replace those stories with ones that will prime them for buying. And how to encourage those stories.

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One comment

  1. Hold the phone here. They don’t stone women for being raped. It’s interesting how this episode is about stories and this is quite a story analysis to have.

    You have been told a story to gain your sympathy and your favor. The story you are told is not correct. Think of how powerful it is to tell westerners that certain cultures stone women to death for being raped. That would certainly make westerners feel ill of those people. This is very similar to how they always tell us the enemy is randomly killing babies for no reason.

    Here is what really happens. They stone women for committing adulatory. Of course, in western culture, we would not be in favor of that either. Yet, at least in this case, there is a wrong done by the woman who is being stoned. She’s not completely innocent here. Adulatory is a type of fraud, especially in a patriarchal society where a man’s resources must go to his wife and children. In this case, a woman committing adulatory is stealing from her husband. Like this other story so far?

    She’s stealing because if she pulls it off, he will end up paying upwards of $200,000 for a child that is not his. He’s having $200k and a lot of time and energy taken from him without his informed consent. This makes adulatory a major offense. What do we do with people who steal $200,000 and thousand of hours of labor in western culture? We don’t stone them but we certainly punish them harshly.

    So how did the story of raped women get stoned to death come to be? That’s easy. Women who commit adulatory lie and say they were raped, in order to save their own lives. Then, they are called out on their bullshit and stoned. The “believe her” crowd comes along and says she was stoned for being raped.

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