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The Fourth Turning [UN-IVERSITY]

"You need to happen to the weather. The weather doesn't need to happen to you." ...

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  1. Perfect, I would have loved to be there when Brett made his presentation. Something new here, amongst the constant overall argument. Brett introduces Murray N. Rothbard, it’s the first time that I hear of Rothbard, so I did a little bit of digging. Rothbard seems to have a much better approach to dealing with economics from what Brett is saying, very pro private sector services for the mass population. Murray Rothbard does not seem to be a angel in any way, he worked closely with the elite banking cartels namely Rothchild, maybe he had no choice in the matter. There could be a lesson i this though, the rule of the pyramid that Brett protested against so strongly in his previous podcasts comes to light. Even here we see someone like Rothbard to be absorb into the existing power that be.

    Lets not label this or that, some argue the Rothbard position benefited those who would take the USA through a drugged induce state of apathy. Others will argue that he was right in reducing the government authority. Here I find it’s easy to fall into the trap as what is right. When I have the discussion of utopia, how that would look and run, it’s always quick to point out that the systems of utopia that we envision are not the same process of reaching it. In a utopia we would all be best to live in a true principled world of Liberty, but to live in such a world it’s going to take a certain culture of intelligence and principle to maintain it. It’s a conflict between the old and new, if tomorrow we had a world that was truly Liberal we would face the horror of some of the true failure of the culture we live in. At the current moment the government seems to be protecting the majority of the population from the monster of devolution in culture it has created. Here is the beauty of un-schooling, it’s a manageable process that can be integrated into the old. Un-schooling is the only process that can work in stepping closer to a utopia. Rothbard is a good argument but not a good example, Rothbard was a big supporter of homeschooling and opposed the public school system, but as an economist he falls short on the none aggressive principle in Liberalism. Simply his ideas the issuing of currency still employees violence on the people, through fraud. I’m still torn between the idea of a country being able to issue it’s own currency than it lending it’s currency from private organizations like the Federal Reserve. At least Rothbard was good to identify that fractional reserve system is wrong.

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