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The Mind and Mindset of Scott Horton [PODCAST #568]

(As explained by Scott Horton) Scott Horton is a well-known and widely respected author, broadcaster and US foreign policy analyst. I have always wanted to have Scott on the show, but despite the large overlap in our audiences there is little overlap in our topics of discussion. However, we were both speakers at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest, and I was presented with a unique opportunity to have a one-on-one chat. Event organizer Joe Moutard invited me to tag along as he shuttled Scott to the airport to catch a flight. With Scott in sitting the front, me settled in the back, Joe driving quickly and 90s hip hop on the radio, I began a series of off the ...

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[PODCAST] #404: Brett’s Complete Guide To Evernote with GTD – Tutorial

SSP Productivity Month! After spending the first half of the month looking at the bigger picture, we'll down focus down to examine specific tools and strategies. This presentation is a response to numerous listener questions and requests related to the integration of Evernote with David Allen's Getting Things Done productivity methods. Drew Sample of TheSampleHour.com joins me for this tutorial. Video Time Codes - 00:00-10:00 - Problems we'll address, how to set up Evernote 10:00-12:00 - Web Clipper Plug-In 12:00-19:00 - GTD, Input-Process-Output, Vertical and Horizontal Views of Life 19:00-22:00 - Setting up Notebooks and Notebook Stacks in Evernote 22:00-28:30 - The "In" Box and Folders - Collection, Identification, Organization 28:30-34:00 - Evernote Customization, Next Actions 34:00-42:30 - Creating and ...

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