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Michael Malice On Self-Discipline [PODCAST #559]


Michael Malice is an accomplished author, celebrity ghostwriter, Twitter provocateur, podcaster and cable news commentator. He joins me for what begins as a conversation about "health" and fitness practices, but then it evolves into a fascinating exploration of habit and self-discipline. I approached this personal development topic through the lens of fitness because Michael has expressed that the pursuit continues to be a challenge for him. I thought it would be more interesting to discuss a subject where Michael is trying to put the puzzle pieces together, versus one of his areas of expertise (anarchist philosophy, objectivism, North Korea and the New Right). For me, fitness has proven to be the foundation of a better life, and great teacher for ...

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Podcast #301: Getting Unstuck From Procrastination and Domestication (with Kevin Geary)

My first collaboration with Kevin Geary, integrative health coach and founder of RebootedBody.com. WARM-UP: -Intro, the mission of Rebooted Body -Kevin's weight and health issues -the "high fact, low execution diet" -Rebooting Children -fear, shame, guilt and making excuses -conquering negative self talk -the impotence of willpower GETTING UNSTUCK: Kevin's Article: Unstuck: A no-nonsense guide to getting uncomfortable and winning big Step 1: Put on your hazmat suit and discard your toxic beliefs. Step 2: What you think and how you behave aren’t married happily ever Step 3: Reject magic pills. Do the fucking work. Step 4: Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. Step 5: Be willing to invest in yourself. TANGENTS -Fitness and weight-loss gimmicks -micro-behavior techniques ...

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