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Mindsight [November Book Club]

The group takes on the challenge of dis-integration, in this discussion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, addiction, medication, meditation, and the all-important journey inward. All loosely based around Dan Siegel's 2010 book Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation In the second half, many new topics are introduced; Web 3.0 and shitcoins The Fourth Turning post-Libertarians Mass Formation linking habits, core values, and purpose   School Sucks Project · Un-iversity Book Club - Mindsight, by Dan Siegel These meetings require UN-IVERSITY membership. GET ACCESS: Click HERE to learn more about the summit and how to join our ongoing discussions and our lively Discord server – a lifetime membership. Or – Brand New! – try out UN-IVERSITY membership on a monthly basis. ...

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