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[PODCAST] #496: Lior Gantz – Lessons From A (former) Teenage Entrepreneur and Investor

Lior Gantz is entrepreneur, world traveler, financial researcher, and advisor in many forms to many different types of investors. He currently serves as President of Wealth Research Group. Lior's You Tube Channel: Discussion: - Mindset, protecting your mind from bad influences - Lior started working at 13, and investing at 16 - High School: Surprisingly the ideal time in life to fail - Commitment - Finding A Niche; complete uniqueness is not retired - "Solopreneurship" vs. forming a partnership - How to find the right partners - Stoicism and self-discipline in investing - Crisis preparation: cash, precious metals, chaos hedges, foreign real estate - Silver market price manipulation, silver bullion holders vs silver stock investor - The future of marijuana ...

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