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008: Conformity & Compliance vs. Conscience & Consistency

(Picture: There's that tree I'm always talking about) A personal story about personal responsibility...and liberation from the illusion of virtue associated with obedience and self-sacrifice Critical Thinking Question: How could disobedience to authority save millions of lives? Topic: Daniel Lakemacher (warisimmoral.com) joins me to discuss obedience. He also shares his personal story of how he freed himself (within the last year) from three types of crippling obedience training - public education, religion and military. About Daniel's interview on Antiwar Radio: Daniel Lakemacher, founder of the website WarIsImmoral.com, discusses his conscientious objector (CO) discharge from the U.S. Navy, how the experience of working at Guantanamo and (independently) learning about the libertarian “non-aggression principle” changed his mind about war and justice, the ...

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