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138: Cevin Soling – The War On Kids

Cevin Soling, the director of the documentary The War On Kids joins me to discuss the film, his research and the pathologizing of normal youth behavior. Fortunately the 2009 film is now back in the news. Bumper Music: "Living In A Box" by Living In A Box Look Closer: thewaronkids.com Colbert Report http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/256926/november-30-2009/cevin-soling The War On Kids (Trailer)

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051 School News! (#4b): The Mainstream Media: Parrots On the Shoulders of Pirates

Most of this show was my original attempt to begin the Kids Are Not Defective Series, but it just turned into a rant about the mainstream media. A couple months ago I decided to watch a little cable news. MSNBC to be precise. They were running a story/series called "V Is For...Violence." It focused on the inability of adolescents to handle the stimulation they get from the technology of today. From Scientific American: Bully or Victim? More Similar Than We Might Think Michael Moore interviews Marilyn Manson, Bowling For Columbine "The case against adolescence: rediscovering the adult in every teen" By Robert Epstein

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