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UNeducation? – Defending Families Against Globalist Indoctrination and Other Top-Down Intrusions [PODCAST #610]

Pam Lucashu is a home-educating parent and the Legislative Liaison for The Education of Christian Homeschoolers of CT. Because much of our recent content has been devoted to exciting and revolutionary educational alternatives, I wanted to spotlight Pam as an exemplar of the often forgotten people who are doing the less glamorous work of defending children and families from incursions from state legislatures and beyond. Some examples: In 2015 Pam worked with parental and homeschool rights advocates to form the CT Parental Rights Coalition to respond to the Sandy Hook Commission Report. The commission made recommendations to further regulate home education, using the false pretext that Adam Lanza had been homeschooled. Pam is also an outspoken critic of UN/UNESCO designs ...

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200b: Neal’s UNESCO High School Experience

(2013 NH Liberty Forum Series, Part Two) Neal from Flaming Freedom joins Osborne and me for a discussion at the 2013 New Hampshire Liberty Forum. Discussion: -UNESCO Schools and the International Baccalaureate(IB)Program -American History through the Book of Mormon -Euphemism: "Single-Party Rulers" -Hegel and Marx -discovering the philosophy of liberty in high school -the 2004 Presidential Election -How gays were co-opted by the state Look Closer: Flaming Freedom - http://flamingfreedom.com/

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