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[PODCAST] #478: Thaddeus Russell vs. Academic Conformism – Part One – Beyond Black and White

Historian and Professor Thaddeus Russell returns. And unloads. What's new? Thaddeus has launched the first phase of his Renegade University. The Effects of Intellectual Conformism: - Manichaeism in the minds of academics - Charles Murray and Middlebury College - Tucker Carlson owns college professors - Donald Trump's world and how the left gave it to him (fragility vs. repression) - Tangent: Richard Spencer Why and how Thad's thinking has changed: - Thad's conflicts with left libertarians - vertical (knowledge) vs. horizontal (overwhelm) information - shifting definitions and connotations - Policing Is Racially Biased? Thad's commentary on the debate - what I've learned from sheltered college professors - media manipulation of race issues, and the real issues they'll never discuss - ...

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