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Podcast #301: Getting Unstuck From Procrastination and Domestication (with Kevin Geary)

My first collaboration with Kevin Geary, integrative health coach and founder of RebootedBody.com. WARM-UP: -Intro, the mission of Rebooted Body -Kevin's weight and health issues -the "high fact, low execution diet" -Rebooting Children -fear, shame, guilt and making excuses -conquering negative self talk -the impotence of willpower GETTING UNSTUCK: Kevin's Article: Unstuck: A no-nonsense guide to getting uncomfortable and winning big Step 1: Put on your hazmat suit and discard your toxic beliefs. Step 2: What you think and how you behave aren’t married happily ever Step 3: Reject magic pills. Do the fucking work. Step 4: Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week. Step 5: Be willing to invest in yourself. TANGENTS -Fitness and weight-loss gimmicks -micro-behavior techniques ...

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