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[BONUS] What Teaching Taught Me About Learning: Intellectual Aspects

We can divide the study of learning itself into several aspects: intellectual, psychological, social, physical and metaphysical. This audio is a checklist of intellectual considerations - purpose, methodology, expression, selection, embracing ignorance. One of my favorite infographics:

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[PODCAST] #378: An Introduction To Self-Directed Learning and Living For Teens (with Nick Hazelton)

This episode is what The School Sucks Project is all about! Nick Hazelton, the seventeen-year-old creator of The Anarch-Yakitalist Podcast, is back to share his new self-education plan. Nick first reached out to me in early 2014 to discuss the possibility of leaving school (he was a freshman at the time)and becoming a farming entrepreneur. You can watch a clip of that conversation here: Nick left school this September to pursue this venture on a full-basis. He is still very committed to his education, and he asked me for some guidance on taking it into his own hands. Discussed: -Rethinking Education: Self-Directed Learning Fits the Digital Age (Wired.com) -questions for potential autodidacts -identifying strengths and how to use them -selecting ...

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[VIDEO] The Trivium, NVC and Mind Control (Series Introduction)

This is the first 34 minutes of podcast #363: The Trivium, Non-Violent Communication and Mind Control - A Response to Gnostic Media (Part 1 of 5). Full Show: https://schoolsucksproject.com/podcast-363-the-trivium-non-violent-communication-and-mind-control-a-response-to-gnostic-media-part-1-of-5/ Tony Myers, Darrell Becker and I analyze and respond to the Gnostic Media presentation “Nonviolent Communication, Pt. 1 “Is NVC Consistent with the Trivium Method?” This is Gnostic Media podcast #229, recorded on may 18th, 2015, with Jan Irvin and Bill Joslin. This was discussed at length in the School Sucks Facebook Group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/424507561027798/ Nonviolent Communication, Pt. 1 "Is NVC Consistent with the Trivium Method?" 229 w/Bill Joslin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Cgek9v1hsc Nonviolent Communication, Pt. 2 “From the Fabians, thru MKULTRA, to Today.” - #230 w/Bill Joslin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1UoKpu-lMY Bill Joslin's Slideshow: ...

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