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[BONUS] “Whole New Ballgame” – The Deep End Episode 20

(AUDIO, 2 HOURS, 48 MINUTES) The Deep End Episode 20, recorded on February 2nd, 2017. Discussion: - Security questions surrounding Signal and its parent company - An extensive review of the Joe Rogan/Alex Jones conversation - Member Berries - more PizzaGate/Podesta emails intrigue - what's a Muslim ban? - the victims of virtue signaling - Can Trump do "good" from inside his Nationalist Populist box? - Did Trump use postmodernism against the postmodernists? - the 'trial balloon for coup' theory - the art of opposition - leftist language manipulation - Brett's experience arguing with SJWs and academics online - what happens next? Direct link HERE. With Brett Veinotte, Richard Grove, Kevin Cole and Dylan LeFebvre. Get the full video version ...

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[BONUS] The Conspiring Clintons – Old Arkansas Schemes On A New World Scale

(AUDIO & VIDEO, 147 MINUTES) This presentation fits in the genre of dark comedy - Rich, Kevin, Dylan and Brett discuss the very ugly 30+ year history of the Clinton operation. As the title suggests, the pay-for-play schemes of the Clinton Foundation are very similar to an older corruption model from the Arkansas era. We discuss both in detail, including names, numbers and...narcotics? AUDIO: CLICK HERE if player does not appear. VIDEO:

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