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229: Philosophical Impact – Plato, The Matrix and Atlas Shrugged (With Geoff From Skeptical Youth)

Topic: Geoff from Skeptical Youth joins me in the new studio for an impromptu live show. Recorded on Tuesday, July 9th. School Sucks is usually live on UStream Thursdays at 6:30pm EST. The night before, Geoff and I watched The Matrix and a documentary called Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged. We discuss the reach and philosophical impact of both The Matrix and Atlas Shrugged. We also discuss positive and negative influence of Plato (Allegory of the Cave and The Republic). Bumper Music: "Virtual World" The Verve Look Closer: Blog: Skeptical Youth - http://skepticalyouth.tumblr.com/ An Interpretation of the Philosophy of The Matrix Trilogy - http://thematrix101.com/contrib/myoung_aitptm.php Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged Official Documentary - http://atlasshruggeddocumentary.com/ The ...

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