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Podcast #282: Self-Esteem In the Schools (The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Part 8)

Wes Bertrand and I continue our series based on Nathaniel Branden's book, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Today we continue to move through the second part of the book. "Regardless of what we think we are teaching, we teach what we are." Discussed: -Branden: "For many children, school represents a second chance." says a lot about the home -There are so many great and caring teachers I had my first when I was in college -We are repeated sold this idea of the power of a good teacher and we chase it -the destructive leverage of the power-over system) -the impact of even one bad teacher can "extinguish the fire" -teachers' embrace of self esteem -but do they by in large ...

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Podcast #256: 2 Weird Tips To Make School Suck Less

Today I am joined by a new listener named Duncan, a high school senior from Virginia who has devoted some his own time and curiosity to the question: what is school good for? In our conversation we'll cover some of his tested strategies for making high school tolerable and even enjoyable at times, and a smarter approach to a college education. Look Closer: Duncan's Blog: The Question Academy - http://whatisschoolgoodfor.com/

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096: Teachers Unions 102 – Fairytale Villages and Rhetorical Bear Traps

The second installment in a series of shows about the teachers and public sector unions, and the recent protests. It would have been nice to skip this topic, but we can't. Discussed: -The Myths of Hoover vs. FDR on economic policy -Presidential "Terribles" and their media challenges/triumphs -The ease of spreading propaganda vs. the challenge of providing context -Manipulation of statistics -Ignorantio Elenchi: the irrelevant conclusion logical fallacy Look Closer:

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