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Wheels Off Liberty #79

With Jamie Crane and Tarrin Lupo -the show returns after a long break -Teacher unions -Libya (not labia) and US foreign policy -accepting a police state Related PostsWheels Off LIberty #8879Brett, Tarrin and Jamie talk about their experiences at Porcfest. They also mention that Mike will be joining them again on future episodes of Wheels Off Liberty.Tags: wheels, liberty, tarrin, jamie, lupo, craneWheels Off Liberty #8074With Jamie Crane and Tarrin Lupo The guys have a special guest in the studio, the great Hocus Pocus. They then talk about the log cabin republicans and why minorities buy into the philosophy of the demopublicans and the republicrats.Tags: tarrin, crane, jamie, liberty, lupo, wheelsWheels Off Liberty #9374Jamie and Brett review Tarrin Lupo's children's ...

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