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The Dumbing Down of America (The Best of Gatto, Episode Ten – Interlude)

An interlude in a series of short videos based on John Taylor Gatto's book, The Underground History of American Education. This excerpt is from Chapter Three: Eyeless In Gaza, Section 3: "Looking Behind Appearances," Get the book: http://johntaylorgatto.com/underground/ PDF: http://johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/index.htm Audiobook: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php/program/50300 The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend With John Taylor Gatto (Documentary) https://www.tragedyandhope.com/th-films/the-ultimate-history-lesson/commentary-and-analysis/

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034 (Supplemental): Cary Grove Student Discussion/Debate

ABOVE: Cary-Grove High is home of the "Trojans" and I've included the horse because we talk about government school. Topic: A recent discussion with Michael, a high school junior from Illinois, and a couple of friends named James. One James took a pro-government school position, and I took objection to that. Most of the discussion is between James and myself. Bumper Music: "Don't Talk To Strangers" Rick Springfield 80s Douche Look Closer: The Nazi Comparison http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_daily_dish/2009/05/the-nazi-comparison.html Comparing U.S.A. to Nazi Germany http://www.angelfire.com/az/sthurston/comparison.html "Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen http://sundown.afro.illinois.edu/liesmyteachertoldme.php Quantum Shift TV: The underground history of North American education http://www.quantumshift.tv/v/1198046178/ CBS: Parents arrested for failing to register home-schooled kids http://www.cbs6albany.com/articles/district-1269895-school-county.html Jason Osborne's Movie "Chartarum" (Teaser)

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022 (Supplemental): School Sucks On A Student’s Works Cited Page?

ABOVE: If you want to get 30 extra guys in the NES game Metroid, start the game and quickly press up + down + up + down + left + right + left + right + A + B + Select + Start. Enjoy! Who said I wasn't tech-savvy? Topic: Paul, a fifteen-year-old high school student and listener to the show, asked me to provide some assistance with a psychology project he's working on. The topic is public education. He was actually told about the show by his English teacher. This is the discussion we had on Skype. Bumper Music: "The Legend of Zelda" Theme by FFYears http://www.youtube.com/user/FFYears Look Closer: Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, ...

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