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[BONUS] PHILOS-A-THON – Part Two – Nothing Spooky

Mattheus von Guttenberg joins me for a casual exploration of the history of philosophy, and of his own development as a thinker. Discussed In Part Two: -Deism and substance dualism -embracing libertarianism and letting go of god -the Socratic gauntlet - auditing ideas and beliefs -teleology - the purpose -Materialism -Sorites Paradox -determinism, free will and compatibilism If the player does not appear CLICK HERE.

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Podcast #243: The Trivium (Interlude): Religion, Sophistry, Baseball and Freemasonry

This show contains excepts from our logic discussion (which will be in the next podcast). These are are two pieces that I did not want to leave on the cutting room floor. Look Closer: Trivium and Quadrivium Cliff Notes by Gene Odening by 8thestate Trivium Method of Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving by 8thestate Jan Irvin's Site, Trivium Education - http://www.triviumeducation.com/ T&H Trivium Resources - https://www.tragedyandhope.com/trivium/ The Lost Tools of Learning, by Dorothy Sayers - http://www.gbt.org/text/sayers.html Please Support School Sucks Your support keeps the show going and growing, which keeps us at the top of the options for education podcasts and leads to new people discovering this message. This subscription also grants you access to the A/V Club, a ...

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