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Brett and Wes: Self-Assertiveness Pre-Show

(A/V Club) Carbs and diet - porn and Ecstasy - focusing energy - Stef's Single Mothers video - Wes: "How to enrich your life as a single mom and defy the grim statistics!" - Brett is excited about a trip to Arizona Related PostsBulletproof Diet vs. ChooseMyPlate.gov, Fun Recipes and More (with Wes)74(A/V CLUB, Audio and Video Versions) - What we eat - what the government tells us to eat - some paleo/primal/low-carb dessert recipes - Brett helps an ex - juicing - GTD - sustainable living, is it necessary? - market distortions caused by schooling - more empathy for obese people…Tags: brett, a/v, club, wes, diet, video, bertrand, nutrition

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