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From Powerless Paranoia To Direct Action, With Shane Radliff [PODCAST #618]

Who is Bill Cooper? How did he help? How did he hinder? What's his relationship to Alex Jones? Why was he killed in the Fall of 2001? Today we'll be answering 4/5 of those questions to your satisfaction. Shane Radliff is the creator of Liberty Under Attack Publications and the host of the Vonu Podcast. I first encountered Shane's work in 2016 and I was immediately impressed with his focus on practical self-liberation strategies; he had assembled a comprehensive list of empowering pursuits (with instruction) under the umbrella of his Direct Action series. But Shane's journey, like mine, did not start in the most empowering of places. He says he wound up in a "conspiratorial rabbit hole" which eventually even ...

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The Lessons of Location Independence [PODCAST #579]

Shane Radliff is a School Sucks listener and the creator of the popular website and podcast, Liberty Under Attack. In this joint production, we discuss the benefits, challenges and lessons of a location-independent lifestyle. Shane is preparing to live a more nomadic lifestyle, so we reflected on my extensive travels over the last year, including School Sucks Across America tour, Renegade University/SSP events and my recent relocation to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We talked about why I decided to pursue such a lifestyle, the importance of being with like-minded individuals in physical space and time, the role past decisions have on limiting freedom, the role of education in personal freedom, our past missteps when trying to discuss the philosophy of liberty with ...

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