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Podcast #310b: Thaddeus Russell Q&A (Part 2) – The Politics of Self-Interest

Part 10 in the survey series, A Renegade History Course. This is a live discussion with historian Thaddeus Russell, the author of A Renegade History of the United States. Thaddeus addresses questions and objections from the audience regarding our previous shows. Carlos Morales (http://www.truthovercomfort.net/) and Wes Bertrand (http://www.completeliberty.com/) are the co-hosts. Discussed Today: Most of the discussion in the second half of the Q&A is built off Ali's question: "My opinion is that stealing is always bad practice because of the golden rule of property rights (or the NAP) regardless of how big the group is you’re stealing from, how many handouts they receive from the state, or whether you get caught doing it. Thadeus claimed that his only problem ...

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