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[PODCAST] #428: CONSPIR-A-THON (Silver Screen Edition Part 2) – Satan, Sex Magick, Scientology and Symbols

This show might mess with you a little. Back by popular demand! Stephanie Murphy and Brian Sovryn return to the School Sucks studio for a free-form, extended discussion on the topic of conspiracy theories. This time our focus is on Hollywood, pop culture, film and the broader entertainment industry. OPENING COMPILATION: What was responsible for the dramatic changes Hollywood experienced in the late 1960s and early 1970s? Was it simply a shifting of industry standards and politics? Or was it...Satan? DISCUSSION: - The wood of the magical holly tree - What is the Illuminati? Does it control Hollywood? - A brief history of the Bavarian Illuminati: agenda, interactions with Freemasons, Jesuits and Rosicrucians - Proofs of A Conspiracy? John Robison ...

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