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[PODCAST] #334: Scientific Consensus vs. Dissent (Part 1) – Introduction and Definitions

This show begins a series that will examine the concept of scientific consensus and contrast it with voices of the dissenters who find value in minority scientific opinions, theories and conclusions. It will also ask the question: is there any way to bridge the gap? Darrell Becker will be co-hosting all episodes in this series. Introduction: -Clarification of goals and definitions -A healthy distrust of Academia -Understand how science can be politicized, both ways -Frustration with skeptics Discussion: -People are all coming to eventually form various conclusions based on personal and secondary/tertiary supportive evidence (including appeals to various authorities). Some folks seem to consider that there are verified opinions formed amongst a scientific majority (often erroneously called the "scientific consensus"). ...

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[PODCAST] #322: Podcastmasters’ Liberty Master Class – Crypto-Archeology, History and Conspiracy (Live)

HISTORY, ARCHEOLOGY - Osborne, Gardner Goldsmith and I continue our once-a-month listener participation live show where we discuss our recent shows, projects, challenges, investigations, etc... Discussed: -What is archeology? -What are crypto-archeology and pseudo-archeology? -The short history of archeology -Why is archeology important? It is incredibly valuable to the narrative of history, if it works, if there is accurate methodology -processual archaeology -What are our biases, experiences, interests? -Can we produce a reasonable doubt, at least open a door into the idea that it might be worth exploring alternative, or even counter-mainstream archeological theories? -BOOK: Disciplined Minds , A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-Battering System That Shapes Their Lives, by Jeff Schmidt -Golbekli Tepe, a bizarre archeological ...

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