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Sandra Dodd – On Unschooling and Choice [PODCAST #585]

Sandra Dodd is a world-renown unschooling and natural learning advocate, and the mother of three adult unschooled children. Her website SandraDodd.com is one of the most comprehensive unschooling resources on the internet. She joins me for a fast-paced but fairly comprehensive discussion on unschooling and choice and her unschooling experiences, influences and philosophy. From Public School Teaching To Unschooling How did Sandra's revelations as a teacher help her embrace unschooling? How Sandra was able able to take ownership over her classroom. John Holt and others informed Sandra's approach to teaching Unschoolers and Reading Sandra share the stories of her three children learning to read, and how there might not always be clear incremental steps. A Mindset For Unschooling - "read ...

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