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James Davis – Mindset Advice For New Homeschoolers [PODCAST #651]

James Davis is a friend, father of three boys, entrepreneur, home-educator, and long-time member of New Hampshire's Freecoast community. In the recent past, he and his wife Taylor created a wonderful unschooling and parenting resource called OneFreeFamily.com. As the parents of young 3 children, they share their story with honesty and vulnerability, but without prescriptions or harsh judgments. His current project is app called Homeschool Moment. James is back today to discuss some mindset advice, which we both hope will be helpful outreach resources for all of the parents currently exploring how to help their children learn and thrive outside of school (where almost all learning and thriving actually takes place). This advice includes 1. What it means to effectively ...

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Blast and Cruise [PODCAST #635]

This is a free release of our supporter-only show, The Discomfort Zone, (Season 3 Episode 4). Alex Bell and Drew Sample join Andrew and Brett for a discussion about habit change. The conversation focuses around Drew, who would like change his relationship with alcohol and improve his relationship with fitness. Andrew, Alex, and Brett share their challenges and successes with both abstinence and athletic pursuits. With respect to goal setting, advice includes - Making goals measurable and specific - Working with short time frames - Knowing and planning for triggers that interfere with progress - The importance of routine - How to make goals sustainable The downloadable version of The Ideas Into Action Summit is now available. Visit sspuniversity.com/ideasintoaction to ...

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