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In Pursuit of Utopia (Episode 8) New Harmony, Part 2

What was the ideal for New Harmony, as well as what life was actually like there. What was the theory? How was it practiced? Education at New Harmony: Last time we discussed his philosophy of "love" super-ceding classical instruction, concluding that Pestalozzi (while he might have meant well) developed a "soft-power" approach to education, which then came to New Harmony via F.J.N. Neef. We discuss how exactly that system of instruction manifested at New Harmony; what do we know about the actual techniques as they were applied? In this episode and the next, we discuss how New Harmony ties into this series as a whole. It is a quintessential utopia, reminiscent of those that came before (More, Bacon, the Puritans), ...

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[BONUS] In Pursuit of Utopia (Episode 7) – “New Harmony”

(AUDIO, 135 minutes) with Danny McCarthy and Kevin Cole. The New Harmony  story includes interesting and largely unknown roots of both American compulsory  schooling and socialism.  In the Richard Grove/John Gatto clip that opens the show, you'll notice some nice tie-ins to our previous podcasts this week . Outline: How does Robert Owen's system (called by Marx and Engels "utopian socialism") compare to Marx and Engel's system (called by them "scientific socialism")? How are they similar? Was Owenite socialism consistent with the ideals of the Enlightenment? In other words, is it fair to say that socialism is just as much a product of Enlightenment rationalism as is American republicanism? Just as the religious utopias are reminiscent of the Puritan colonies, ...

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