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159: Logic Saves Lives Part 2 – The Political Debate Contract

Logic is about understanding reality in a non-contradictory way and how can we see things for what they are. Metaphysical Laws 1.Identity 2.Causality 3.Non-Contradiction Topic: A discussion about my new idea for advancing the message of liberty, articulating a sound methodology, and removing the irrationality and pacifying the emotional mayhem of the average political argument. 'Tis the season... POLITICAL DEBATE CONTRACT For honest, rational, and meaningful discussions about important issues. TOPIC/QUESTION: _________________________________________________ All Parties Agree to Avoid Red Herrings Clause #1: Clarification of Purpose Before proceeding, all parties must communicate the goals they are trying achieve through this argument/conversation. More importantly, all parties must identify the intellectual or emotional needs they are trying to have met through such an interaction. ...

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