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[PODCAST] #407: Advanced Productivity Tools – The Secret Weapons of A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

SSP Productivity Month! My guest is Kevin Geary, founder of SixFigureGrind.com . Kevin is a busy lifestyle entrepreneur, writer, husband and father. Impressed with his levels of productivity and success, I originally added him to the guest roster for SSP Productivity Month to explore a "day in the life of Kevin." However, we spent most of this conversation focusing on Kevin's tools and strategies - it's a highly valuable conversation for aspiring entrepreneurs. Tools & Apps: - GMAIL (web + IOS) Labeling system All email addresses routed to same place - Google Calendar (web + IOS) Keep track of appointments + automated reminders - Way of Life (IOS) Secret weapon for making sure key behaviors are accomplished/avoided in specific patterns. ...

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[PODCAST] #382: Kids Don’t Need or Want Your Praise (with Kevin Geary)

"The relevant question...isn't "How motivated are my students?" It's "How are my students motivated?" In other words, it's the type of motivation that counts, not the amount. The type created by the use of rewards is not only less effective but also erodes the kind we really want to promote." - Alfie Kohn Kevin Geary returns to discuss why the widely accepted carrots-and-sticks approach to teaching and parenting is harmful to children. The discussion centers around two articles Kevin recently wrote for his site, RevolutionaryParent.com. 1. Kids Don’t Need or Want Your Praise 2. Your Children Don’t Need “Positive Reinforcement” We talk about the costs of this approach through the lens of Nathaniel Branden's Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. We also ...

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