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[BONUS] Opportunity Knocks Down the Door

AUTONOMY MASTERMIND 9-16-20 Is our current society adaptable or collapsible? If it's the former, how will it happen? If it's the latter, has it been designed that way? More importantly, how much should such questions even matter to an optimistic and autonomous individual? The group discusses New England real estate opportunities or lack thereof, and move on exploring negativity bias, managing uncertainty, finding "blue ocean" opportunities, and Nassim Taleb's concept of Antifragility. Huge thanks to Bobby for his contributions to this conversation. School Sucks Project · AUTONOMY Mastermind 9-16-20

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[BONUS] The Discomfort Zone (s02e06) – Punching the www in the d.

Brett continues to rave about block scheduling and deep work and yells at Andrew for not planning enough. Andrew vows to turn away from everyone else's productivity and time management advice. Brett is struggling with how to brand the Un-iversity Summits. Who are some of the presenters? How will it be organized? Andrew is looking at the long-term future of his short-term rental business. We discuss "money now," "money soon" and "money someday" propositions. Brett says prioritize easier cash flow opportunities over daunting investment properties. No Player? Click HERE.

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[PODCAST] #498: Daniel Ameduri – Self-Directed Financial Education

Daniel Ameduri is entrepreneur, investor and the President of Future Money Trends. He joins me today to discuss teenage entrepreneurship, self-directed learning and being a You Tube pioneer. Dan's You Tube Channel: Discussion: - If You Want to Be Rich & Happy Don't Go to School - The influence of Robert Kiyosaki - The college drop-in - School in the way of Dan's learning - Dan's wife left a career as public school teacher to home-educate their children; she had a lot to unlearn - real estate investing and flipping - 10 years ago... Dan takes his warnings of a real estate bubble to You Tube - intellectual dependence exacerbates the financial crisis - The value of college; Dan's advice ...

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