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Sandra Dodd – On Unschooling and Choice [PODCAST #585]

Sandra Dodd is a world-renown unschooling and natural learning advocate, and the mother of three adult unschooled children. Her website SandraDodd.com is one of the most comprehensive unschooling resources on the internet. She joins me for a fast-paced but fairly comprehensive discussion on unschooling and choice and her unschooling experiences, influences and philosophy. From Public School Teaching To Unschooling How did Sandra's revelations as a teacher help her embrace unschooling? How Sandra was able able to take ownership over her classroom. John Holt and others informed Sandra's approach to teaching Unschoolers and Reading Sandra share the stories of her three children learning to read, and how there might not always be clear incremental steps. A Mindset For Unschooling - "read ...

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Joanne Kaminski – What Children Need To Fall In Love With Reading [PODCAST #563]

advantages of online tutoring

Today, the story of a public school teacher who eventually found a much better way to connect with and teach young people. Joanne Kaminski joins me to discuss her path into and out of public school teaching, why she left, and the advantages of online tutoring she has discovered. We'll also cover some of her methods, so this conversation might be helpful to parents of children who are struggling with reading proficiency and interest. Joanne is the mother of 3 girls, a former public school teacher, and she now runs a successful tutoring company called The Online Reading Tutor. Joanne also has a blog called Become an Online Tutor, where she teaches others to enter this field and to thrive. ...

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[BLOG – HOME EDUCATION ] Teaching Children to Read

How do we teach our kids to read? I am sure this is a common question among parents, and especially among homeschooling parents. I find this question a little redundant. We could just as easily ask, “how am I going to teach my baby to walk?” or, “how am I going to teach my child to talk?” We could stress about these questions and yet we don’t, so why do we let ourselves stress about teaching our children to read? I would say that the best way to teach reading to our children is to provide a rich learning environment, to model reading by reading yourself, and to read to your kids on a regular basis. Make reading a part ...

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