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177: Proactive, Authentic, Cooperative Conflict Resolution (vs. Lose-Lose Parenting)

Lose-Lose Parenting: Tough Love, "Last Resorts" and Public Shaming A stream of consciousness show, in response to a story about the Florida parents who publicly shamed their 15-year-old daughter as a "last resort" act of "tough love." “We’re losing a lot of kids and a lot of teachers because we still view challenging kids the wrong way and handle them in ways that don’t address their true difficulties. It's an exercise in frustration for everyone involved, and it’s time to get off the treadmill.” Ross Greene, Lost At School Picture(Clockwise from top-left): 1. 17th century Puritan New England 2. 19th century American South 3. Communist China 4. Florida, 2012 Look Closer: Parents Shame Daughter for Sneaking Boys In, Make Her ...

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