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Larry Ludlow – A Libertarian Teacher Walks Into A Public School… [PODCAST #616]

Larry Ludlow first tried his hand at teaching in the Detroit public schools, the very same year I entered first grade. After quickly realizing he was in a dangerous, toxic and anti-education environment Larry moved on to the private sector where he enjoyed a successful 35-year career. Now semi-retired, Larry has re-certified and returned to the system (with a political and educational philosophy he didn't hold his first time around) to teach high school Latin. We discuss what has changed over the past four decades, and what ideas Larry feels a liberty-minded individual should be trying to smuggle into the public schools. Recorded on Saturday June 22nd at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest. Want to stay in the loop ...

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149e (Porcfest Micro-Series): Live Interviews – Pam the Public School Teacher, Jake Desyllas, Cody Hall

These are selected segments from Hour 2 and The After School (Sucks) Special on 6-19-12. School Sucks is live on the Liberty Radio Network and UStream Thursdays at 10pm EST. 1. Pam the Public School Teacher -NCLB -The Federal Takeover of Local Education, DoE -Education Vs. Schooling -Intro to the Prussian Model -A Good Education, Compared to What? -Unions 2. Jake Desyllas, The Voluntary Life -Tips For Emerging Entrepreneurs -Fighting the Training In Dependence -The "Free" Market Vs. the Public Sector 3. Cody Hall, Tragedy and Hope Communications -What Is T&H? -The Word "Conspiracy" -Historical Context -Corporate Media -The Trivium -The Ultimate History Lesson Help School Sucks, Tragedy and Hope and John Taylor Gatto: Enter the coupon code: "SCHOOLSUCKS"

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