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The T.M. Landry Scam – How A “Miracle School” Exploited A Corrupt System [PODCAST #591]

Nathan Fraser joins me to discuss the recent T.M. Landry scandal - revelations that threaten to dash many people's hopes about self-directed learning models disrupting and possibly even healing a corrupt and failed schooling system. T.M. Landry fashioned itself as a revolutionary college prep school. It was promoted to national (half) attention through viral college acceptance videos, while boasting an 100% college acceptance rate. An Inventory of T.M Landry's Educational Promise - student led - self directed learning - teachers or mentors who didn't jump through the state hoops to be "qualified" - no textbooks In reality, L.M Landry was a predatory operation against parents and charities looking to help disadvantaged teens escape failure and despair. T.M. Landry is a ...

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