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With Every Turn of the Screw… (with Pete Quinones) [SUPPLEMENTAL #642]

Today's show is a followup to the previous conversation with Dave Smith - a deeper level of exploration of the history of school, covering a longer period of time, and showing the progression of control over the public mind. (Edited Audio from Brett on Free Man Beyond the Wall) Pete's question: what you believe is the biggest conspiracy behind turning the schools into the indoctrination centers they are today? It's hard to pick just one. A STORY OF INCREASING LEVERAGE OF SCIENTIFIC MANAGERS (AND BOILED FROGS) 1840s-1930s - Mandatory public education in America began as part of a quest for a perfect society with the Puritans in Massachusetts who were seeking a religious utopia - Prussian system replaces the predictability ...

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Podcast #293: A Valedictorian Reflects On Her Experiences With “Playing School”

With Darrell Becker and his daughter, Cypress Ellen Cypress has probably the most diverse educational and schooling experience of any guest we've ever had. She began in Montessori school, then spent six years in public school. There, she discovered that she preferred home schooling. And after two years at home, she moved on to a "Progressive" schooling environment. Today she joins me and Darrell in the studio to share her experiences and reflections. Look Closer: Darrell's Site: Voluntary Visions - http://voluntaryvisions.com/ Cypress's Art Blog: shortakun - http://shortakun.tumblr.com

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