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[PODCAST] #501: Craig Hemke – Escape From Wall Street

Craig Hemke worked on Wall Street as licensed Series 7 securities professional from the 1980s until 2008. Frustrated by various frauds in the "financial planning" sector, he decided to exit the protective bubble of his corporate career, parlaying his online reputation into a new venture as a blogger, precious metals advisor and financial forecaster. Craig is the founder and editor of TFMetalsReport.com. Discussed: - current obstacles in entrepreneurship - the process of moving away from the corporate world - the protective bubble in the financial services industry - glamorizing failure, learning from failure - The Big Short - central banking - precious metals and "sky is falling" scenarios - global reserve currency - the future of US economic power - ...

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[PODCAST] #496: Lior Gantz – Lessons From A (former) Teenage Entrepreneur and Investor

Lior Gantz is entrepreneur, world traveler, financial researcher, and advisor in many forms to many different types of investors. He currently serves as President of Wealth Research Group. Lior's You Tube Channel: Discussion: - Mindset, protecting your mind from bad influences - Lior started working at 13, and investing at 16 - High School: Surprisingly the ideal time in life to fail - Commitment - Finding A Niche; complete uniqueness is not retired - "Solopreneurship" vs. forming a partnership - How to find the right partners - Stoicism and self-discipline in investing - Crisis preparation: cash, precious metals, chaos hedges, foreign real estate - Silver market price manipulation, silver bullion holders vs silver stock investor - The future of marijuana ...

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[PODCAST] #375: College Debt – The Most Expensive Lesson of All Time?

is college worth it

Today's guest is Mike Vine, the Editor at Schiff Gold News and the Principal at Centinel Consulting. I sat down with him last week in his Portsmouth, NH office to discuss the recent paper by Addison Quale titled, "The Student Loan Bubble: Gambling with America’s Future." Episode #375 In a Nutshell: Topics: - the place for personal responsibility in the student loan debt crisis - Student loans represent the third bubble in the last 20 years, following the dot coms in the late-90s and the mortgage crisis of 2008 - there is a 300% increase in student loan debt in the last 10 years - almost 25% of all loans are in some state of non-payment (default, deference, or forbearance) ...

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