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128: Live Show #4, Hour 2 – Primary Sources

Picture: Who's this "we"? This is hour two Gardner Goldsmith's Liberty Conspiracy live show, from March 1st, 2012. The show airs Sunday through Thursday at 10pm EST on the Liberty Radio Network.Gardner and I discuss a variety of school-related topics, after my half-hour introduction about John Dewey, donations/subscription encouragement - through an appeal to emotion (sorry) - and the upcoming SSP website. NOTE: Sorry about the background noise; I'm still working out some kinks with the new set-up. Discussed: -An email from a high school student -The Milgrim Experiment -Collectivism -Sam Blumenfeld's research -John Dewey -Primary Sources -Erica Goldson -Suggestions for students and parents Bumper Music: "If I Ruled the World" Jamie Cullum Look Closer: Stanley Milgram: Obedience to Authority ...

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041: The Natural State? (American History F-ed, Conclusion)

(American History F-ed, Conclusion) The eighth (and final) installment in a series of shows about government school's history curriculum. We'll explore the lies, myths, omissions and distortions used to indoctrinate blind patriotism (aka nationalism aka mysticism). Critical Thinking Question: Imagine if we all woke up tomorrow and all government was just...gone. What's the worst thing that could happen? And how would statists feel about this most catastrophic outcome? The answer might surprise you. Topic: The three most persistent myths throughout history: 1. The State is essential for the survival of the human race 2. Slavery is essential for the prosperity of all societies reliant upon agriculture 3. God and religion are essential for establishing morality Two down, one to go. ...

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