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[preview] The Disturbing Sexualization of Young People

Free Bonus Friday Enjoy (and you will enjoy) a snip of one of our bonus productions for supporting listeners, including The Discomfort Zone, In Pursuit of Utopia, Picture of the Month Club, and other older selections. Our bonus show this week (AUTONOMY Mastermind) can't be previewed here, so instead enjoy this related audio from our archives. The Mastermind - Pilot Episode - "PodcastMasterMind" Released on June 3rd, 2018 on Patreon, A/V Club and SubscribeStar. Direct Links: patreon.com/posts/mastermind-pilot-19220763. schoolsucksproject.com/the-mastermind-pilot-episode-podcastmastermind/. Description: (AUDIO, 126 MINUTES) Fellow Podcastmasters Osborne and Gardner join Brett to launch The Mastermind. These shows will typically begin with a "pain point," which is a pressing problem of a personal, professional, political, cultural or educational nature. A rotating group of ...

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[PODCAST] #472: Podcastmasters’ Liberty Masterclass – Ow, My Inaugural Balls (Part 1 of 3)

On January 20th, the Podcastmasters reconvened for a four-hour free-flowing inauguration-inspired discussion. Podcastmasters is an infrequent summit where we discuss our recent shows, current events, historical investigations, movie goings etc... Discussed In This MasterClass: PART ONE: (This show) -Starbucks learns about "anarchy" -Trump's address, the Bane thing -Betsy DeVos, the Department of Ed and the student debt "bubble" -#DisruptJ20 -Sorros: agent of chaos -Gard's thoughts on "Cultural Marxism" -Sympathy for Trump? How could that possibly happen -Reagan vs. the media; Gard's historical perspective -the future of the libertarian message PART TWO: (Coming soon) -Inauguration fashion and why it matters -The Grand Chessboard, by Zbigniew Brzezinski -The US, Russia and the Middle East PART THREE: (Coming soon) -Listener Q&A Look Closer: ...

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