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When All You Have Is A Hammer… (With Pete Quinones) [SUPPLEMENTAL #693]

(Recorded 12-20-20) Pete and I reconnect to reflect on the how the year played since our last conversation in April. Where were we right? Where were we wrong? What did we overlook? And what have we learned? And what happens next in our world, and beyond? Peter R. Quinones is the co-executive producer of the documentary, “The Monopoly on Violence,” which was released June 1, 2020. He is the host of the Free Man Beyond the Wall podcast and has spoken at Liberty Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire. Pete is the managing editor at LibertarianInstitute.org and is a proponent of Samuel Edward Konkin III’s strategy of agorism. Pete's Podcast: freemanbeyondthewall.libsyn.com/ Pete's Site: freemanbeyondthewall.com/ Pete's Twitter: twitter.com/peterrquinones Music: "1933" Frank Turner ...

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