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044: The True Self Vs. the Fantasy Family

(Kids Are Not Defective Part 2) Topic: After reflecting on the last show, I wanted to explore my family comments a bit more thoroughly. Why do adults jump so quickly to the defense of the authority figures in their lives? Why are so many people resistant to the idea that their childhoods were not exactly great? When and how will the effects of childhood mistreatment reveal themselves? Because they always do. To answer these questions, I briefly channel a "composite character" assembled from many of my past discussions about raising children. Bumper Music: "Hometown Glory" by Adele Look Closer: Freedomain Radio 211: Childhood Prisons http://www.freedomainradio.com/Traffic_Jams/FDR_211_Childhood_Prisons.mp3 Complete Liberty Episode 31 - Authoritarianism and family, getting personal with ethics, battles of the ...

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043: Kids Are Not Defective (Introduction)

PICTURED: A listener sent me this example of his son's (first grade) school work, which includes the teacher's thoughts on his exercise of creativity. The introduction to a new series of shows about some other messages forced into the minds of children and young adults. These shows will include topics like medication, parenting, spanking, behavioral "disorders," bullying, "reward" systems and zero tolerance policies. Today, and hopefully someday this will not be the case, childhood and adolescence are not about a process of discovery that eventually leads to the embrace of ideas and beliefs that are chosen by you. Instead, childhood and adolescence are all about a process of training that eventually leads to the acceptance of ideas and beliefs that ...

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