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Podcast #239 (Live): Inferential Distance, Parallel Thinking, and 9/11

The second year of what I'm hoping will become an iconoclastic tradition: thinking on 9/11 in America. This show has three parts 1. What is inferential distance and what communication problems does it cause? 2. An explanation and examination of Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats (a tools process of parallel thinking) 3. A 9/11 "truther" vs. 9/11 true believer role-play using what we've learned Edward de Bono Presentation: Six Thinking Hats (Video)   GOAL: Rearranging things in our minds so we can think more simply and more effectively, using existing brain ability ANALOGY: relationship between intelligence (potential) and thinking (skill) is like the relationship between a car and the driver car's engine, transmission, etc... (potential) but performance depends upon ...

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