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How’s College Going This Year?! With Professor CJ Killmer [PODCAST #677]

The great Professor CJ returns to discuss the challenges of teaching and learning online. We'll trade some stories of our experiences with face-to-face vs. virtual instruction, and offer some advice to students and educators. I'll also get CJ's take on the bleak future of higher education, based on what he's experienced so far this year. CJ is the host of the spectacular Dangerous History Podcast. We'll be discussing some of his recent work in another episode coming later this week. MUSIC: "Dead Man's Party" Oingo Boingo cover by Lo Key "Everybody's Crazy" Michael Bolton The downloadable version of The Ideas Into Action Summit is now available. Visit sspuniversity.com/ideasintoaction to learn more about the presenters, topics, bonus materials and encore presentation. ...

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Professor CJ – Considering Community College? – Part 1 of 2 [PODCAST #601]

community college

Part One: Structural/Political Problems With Community College CJ Kilmer is a college history professor and the host of the acclaimed The Dangerous History Podcast. A couple weeks ago CJ expressed some frustration about his teaching job on Facebook - it included the word "soul-crushing" - and I saw it as an opportunity to connect over similar experiences. It's also an opportunity to share with you a long-form discussion on community college. The conversation is divided into two parts; today we'll cover the institutional problems and the next installment will focus on current student and cultural challenges. Reduction in the variety of community college course offerings -reduced relationship cultivation with students -2008-2017 saw 30% drop in BA degrees in history -Since ...

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