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[BONUS] Information Literacy vs. New York Times Misinformation vs. Russian Disinformation

A lesson in media literacy: how mainstream media uses facts to counterfeit understanding (audio, 2hr 14min) In three consecutive Un-iversity Monday meetings, we watch, deconstruct, and expand upon a New York Times video series from 2018 called Operation InfeKtion:  Russian Disinformation From Cold War To Kanye.  The series has three parts - 1. Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News 2. The Seven Commandments of Fake News 3. The Worldwide War on Truth Why are we going back to 2018? This month, Russian disinformation conspiracy theories are back in style. CNN has revived this story line for damage control in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. While it is too late for most CNN viewers to learn anything, we wanted ...

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